Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Koda Online Registration

It’s a simple, guided process in 5 easy steps beginning with the creation of the account, logging onto the dashboard ending with payment and assigning work to our content team. The steps to follow are:
  • Fill in the details for the content such as content type, keywords, topic, additional notes and what references to use.
  • Enter the billing details for the content type. Add in your company name, your company address, GST details, location etc.
  • Make online payment for the content or add notes to let us know if you wish to do it offline later.
  • Sit back and relax! Our content team is on it now.

B2B/SaaS content is very different. SaaS companies report having an average of nearly 10 competitors in 2020. So, differentiating your B2B/SaaS brand is important. We know how to give your brand a voice, and how to keep it consistent. We have been writing B2B/SaaS content for the past 10 years actively, and our writers are experts at drafting content that your B2B/SaaS audience will relate to.

Its an easy click-through process online which takes less than a minute.

As of now, you cannot make edits or leave comments in a brief submitted for work. But we are trying to make it possible in future versions of the Koda Dashboard.

Yes, you can. You can order as many content pieces as you want, long form or short form. We are waiting to hear from you!

Yes, we do. We try to factor in the keywords as we write so that we don’t do any kind of keyword stuffing after the article is written. We follow best practices for adding both keyword types long tail and short tail.

Yes, 100%. As the sun you wake up to and the moon you fall asleep to. We do not encourage or dabble in plagiaristic content. We also always strive for a unique point of view as much as possible.

It depends on the kind of content that is being written. Expect a turnaround time of a couple of days for a blog of 600 words, upto 3 for a blog that’s twice as long, while a week for a thoroughly researched case study.

Our writers are highly experienced and understand the tech space. They excel in creating high quality content that leads conversion and meets the objectives of our client organizations.